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South Crete

Crete is an island being resided for thousands of years. It is not accidental that here in Crete exist one of the most ancient civilization in the world. Crete is the most south part of Europe and it is famous for its climate, the unique products like olive oil, the tasteful fresh fruits, and its healthiest cuisine in the world. When you travel around Crete it is certain that you will immediately distinguish South Crete.

In South Crete raining is less during the winter and the sun is sunning all of the year. In South Crete the most scenic villages are Pitsidia and Matala which are very closed to some of the most beautiful beaches of Crete.

South Crete
South Crete (view from Matala)

 Next to Pitsidia is the virgin beach of Kommos (Komos) and in Matala is the well known beach with the caves. Matala beach is only 100 metres from the Matala View Pension. Another unique beach the Red Sand is about 20 min walking from Matala View. To reach Red Sand beach one should take the a path in the mountain, walking among goats and sheeps. When you arrive there you will amazed by the red-gold sand and the magical landscape.
It is almost certain that will fall in love with Red Sand.

Pitsidia and Matala are the locations that were the natural choice of the ancient people, thatís why Pitsidia and Matala are surrounded from many ancient sites and palaces like Phaistos, Gortyna, Agia Ttriada and Kommos.

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