Matala Matala Crete sites to visit: Phaistos, Komos, Red Sand, Gortys, Kali Limenes, Agia Galini, Plakias
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Sites to visit near Matala Crete


Phaistos was the second biggest city of the Minoan Crete and it is built on a hill, at an altitude of 100 m from sea level, in the fertile valley of Messara. The valley is surrounded by mountain ranges and in the south extends the Libyan Sea.

Gortys (Gortyna) was the capital of a Roman province and the seat of the first Christian bishop of Crete.  During the Roman period reached the peak of its glory and it was the capital of Crete. Gortys
Agia Triada

Four kilometers west from Phaistos are the ruins of the the small Minoan Palace of Agia Triada that served as a summer residence for the King of Phaistos. The site is named after the village of Agia Triada that is located next to it.

Old rock-hewn church in Matala to Our Lady (Panagia) with old icons and altars.. matala church

Red Sand beach

The Red Sand beach is superb for nudists. With its crystal clear waters, ancient ruins and red sandstone cliffs, Crete's Red Sand Beach is picturesque to say the least. The Red Sand Beach in Matala has remained a naturist favorite for its rustic charm and its tolerance (nudity is allowed).

Kommos (Komos) beach is a magnificent sun-drenched stretch of sand, one of the largest in Crete. The beach of Kommos is unspoiled, charming, stewn with fine golden sand where the Caretta-Caretta tortoises lay their eggs. Kommos beach

Kali Limenes

Kali Limenes is a small picturesque settlement with a lovely sandy beach, unspoiled scenery and clear water. Near the beach stands the islet of Trakos, as well as ancient Lassea, one of ancient Gortys' harbours.

The seaside village of Agia Galini with 1000 inhabitants is located on the south coast of Crete. It has a small port, beaches to the right and left and a Byzantine church.

Agia Galini


Plakias is a lovely seaside village in the coast of south Crete with a great sandy beach (1.5 Km long) that attracts many visitors during the summer. 

Fragokastelo ("castle of the Franks") was built by Venetians in 1371,  is rectangular in shape, with strong walls and a tower in each corner. In front of the castle there is an enchanting sandy beach.

fragokastelo crete

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