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Corali Restaurant in Matala Crete

There's something enchanting about South Crete. Perhaps its the golden sunshine, the aquamarine Mediterranean sea or, most probably, it's the delicious and nutritious food.

Corali is a family-run restaurant located in Matala offers the true experience of delicious home-style cooked food and warm Greek hospitality. In Corali you can taste a full flavored selection of authentic Cretan traditional dishes served in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, while a variety of Cretan wines will sure awake your senses.

matala restaurant
Corali Cafe - Restaurant in Matala


Among the typical Cretan dishes that served in Corali are snails (or "cochlioi"), meat "ofto" (large chunks of lamb or goat roasted on coal), boiled goat, "staka" (made of butter and flour), sfakia pie (lamp with mizithra cheese cooked in pastry sheet in the oven), "kaltsounia" (small pies with home made pastry sheet , filled with unsalted white cheese and fried in olive oil.

* Corali offers  dinner to Matala View customers at the special price of 8 Euro per person.

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