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ancient city of Gortys (Gortyna)

During the Roman period, Gortys (Gortyna) was was the capital of Crete and reached the peak of its glory. Gortys was the first city in Crete that adopted Christianity. The city was destroyed in 828 AD by Arabs.

Parts of the Roman settlement, such as the theater (2nd century AD), have been unearthed during excavations. The theatre has two entrances and a half-circular orchestra the outline of which can still be seen today.

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The theater (odeum) of Gortys

Behind the Roman theater you can see the so-called "Queen of the Inscriptions". These inscriptions are the laws of the city of Gortys (6th- 5th century BC) and formed the basis for modern Greek legislation. The laws are inscribed, in the Dorian dialect, on large stone slabs and are still plainly visible.


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