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Kommos (Komos) beach Crete

Kommos (Komos) is one of the most beautiful and largest sandy beaches of south Crete which extends from a clump of rocks riveted in the shallow waters in the south to the Kalamaki settlement in the North.

kommos beach crete

The beach of Kommos is unspoiled, charming, stewn with fine golden sand where the Caretta-Caretta sea turtles lay their eggs. The view from the beach is also magnificent.


You can access Kommos from Pitsidia or Matala either by car or on foot.The water is crystal clear, inviting, and ideal for water sports. A little of the shore, approx. 80 m. into the sea, there is a large black rock known as Volakas. Tradition says that it is the stone which cyclops Polyphemus hurled against Ulysses, who had earlier pierched the cyclops' only eye with a stake.

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